Oil Extraction Process

Oil Extraction Process

Seeds Procurement to Selling Wood Pressed Oils

Seeds Selection:

We are in connect with Farmers who produce seeds like Groundnut, Flaxseed, Coconut, Mustard, selected seeds/raw material is purchased from farmers and local markets.

Cleaning and Sorting

Selected Seeds are stored in hygienic conditions. Sorted properly. Seeds go through destoner and gravity separator to remove any dust particles, stones, heavy material, straw or other impurities.

Oil extraction:

Wooden churner is used for oil extraction, where seeds are completely in contact with wooden part of churner, with slow motion and moderate and required pressure. Due to wooden churner oil temperature is low ranging between 20-30 degree, which helps to maintain natural oil nutrient and pleasant smell. Oil is extracted in GMP certified hygienic environment with utmost condition to avoid contamination. After extraction, oil is settled for 2 days and filtered through 10 micron cotton filter.


To maintain highest quality of the oil, every batch going out is tested by expert food technologists in our inhouse state of the art laboratory.

Packaging and dispatching:

Food grade containers and bottles used to store and pack oil. To minimize handling and storages in multiple places, we pack and ship the boxes directly from our own dispatch centre. This ensures the minimum handling of the bottles.

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