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About Satvamay

Satvamay is founded by young aspirants. who tried and tested the benefits and nutritional values of the virgin cold pressed oils on family health.

Mr. Vinod and Megha Desai former IT professionals started their entrepreneurship journey with Satvamay oils and organic pvt.ltd. They experienced that using cold pressed oils and organic items in the daily diet can take family health to higher dimensions. Founders used wood pressed oils for years and got very good results on overall family health. They also experienced that traditional oils are very good and nutritious but difficult to get quality products in the market. So they decided to make their own brand of the cold pressed traditional oils with highest quality and affordable price.

Satvamay has a vision to bring Indian ancient traditional oils back in every household food. It’s our mission to manufacture the highest quality virgin oils and deliver to every doorstep with reasonable pricing.

Satvamay oil products are raw, unprocessed which has nutritional values intact. Use of wood pressed oils help to enhance nutrition, taste and aroma of the home cooked food and has many health benefits.

We at Satvamay are committed to deliver highest quality and purest form of Indian traditional edible cold pressed oils because “Your Health is Our Priority”

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Mr. Vinod Desai

Mrs. Megha Desai

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